Unusual Advice For Graphic Designers


Too often we make the mistake of always doing the same things we always have. Hopefully these unconventional tips for graphic designers will keep you from digging your creative hole — or at least help you get out faster.

1.) Learn the principles of storytelling

Top designers and visual artists understand that many of the ideas that provide a good story apply directly to their craft. Most designs extend or tell a story, as in the matter of most marketing apps. Stories actively engage the brain and make presentations even more memorable. If you understand how to create visuals that reinforce that experience, you can make your designs truly stand out.

2.) Outdoor work

If you work indoors all the time, try mixing it up a little while working outdoors when the weather gets a little warmer. If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll find that you often have a different perspective on how to solve different design problems. Try at least to work in a different place from your usual places. You may notice that you will see things a little differently, even without trying.

3.) Learn a new Discipline

Better, if it does not seem related. I say “seems” because almost all knowledge — especially the courses offered in an academic setting-are linked in some way. Teaching cooking, martial arts or another language can help solve the Monotony of design tasks and help you discover another point of view about your work. If nothing else, you might be able to find a niche that combines both Design and your newly discovered discipline.

4.) Never assume that everyone is familiar with the design process

We often make this mistake when we talk to people outside the creative industry. This often leads to avoidable misunderstandings, not to mention tears of Frustration.

The fact is that Design is a thankless field, and no non-creative will ever understand how frustrating it can be. We all know it on some level, but few of us ever bother to really internalize it. Even fewer have defined strategies to deal with it.

5.) Get a pet

A pet helps you not only deal with Stress, but also take responsibility. They get things together or they suffer. Owning a pet can give a sense of Commitment that is reflected in your work ethic over time.

This is certainly not for everyone. Caring for another life is a great responsibility. Think about it long and hard before you decide.

6.) Learn Sales

Most trained designers are not able to make a living from their craft themselves. This also applies to those who have a background in marketing. First-hand knowledge of distribution can help designers better understand the key concepts of commercial design. This could even help your career by giving you insight into how to deal with clients.

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