About Visual Context in Web Design


In the early days of the Internet, it was all about the text. There were not that many options and the technology was not as advanced to support safe designs.

But as the World Wide Web advances, so do the web design options. The focus slowly shifted to the visual side. In addition to providing users with information, the designers want to support, engage and engage them with creative ideas.

People are visual beings, which means that visuals help you to better understand the company that wants to convey your website. If you have discrepancies on users ‘ user experiences and you can conduct length on the site, the sufficiency of graphics is the right way.

While visuals are a necessary element to uncover your web designs, what about visual context?

What is visual context?

Visual context helps the design to rent out the company.

Website owners can provide special information about their website design websites. For example, an interior design provides An expertise in its field. This is when Visual Context Is Written in. By using images that show your early design projects in web design, you can visit the website to show your vision.

Just think about it. If you use an interior designer, would you rather give a chance on one that has pictures of beautiful designs or on one that has only plain text?

The visual text simply supports checking the website and helps the website reader to immediately know what the website is about.

Why should you use visual Context?

Visually appealing websites features getting better. They grab and handle your attention, as opposed to text blocks that you tend to distribute.

Single types of visual text that you can use:

Pictures (exhibition of the purpose of the website, presentation of the event, supporting topics)
Infographics (presentation of important information)
Lines, arrows, patterns, highlighted numbers (displays and simplifications of policies)
Icon (Navigate the user through the website)
It doesn’t matter if the site is intended for a blogger or an e-commerce history holder, visuals should come to the site.

When it comes to power, the visual context has yesterday are some of the benefits you get when you use visual context in your video.

1. Improve the First Printing

The first print pays. That is a fact. Special in the competitive Internet world, where so many websites are struggling to apply users.

It only takes 50 milliseconds for people to form a first print. If even a useful comes across the site and finds the design boring, it is very likely that he will publish the site without much thought. Note this risk by adding visuals.

Visuals will make the site attractive and get users to visit the site. It’s just something about images and visuals that requires our attention and makes us want to know more.

2. Give the benefit better explanations

Whenever a website contains some kind of applications or tutorials or even just a simple explanation, the visual text can be a great effect.

People follow visual applications 50% better than written applications. Therefore, the visual context explains the user experience and makes it easier to understand the applications.

Offer your information in a way that makes it available. Users will be more daring to recognize the site if they can get the information without much problem.

3. Make the site insignificant

According to some studies, people will remember 65% of the visual content they have seen, even if they are asked about it almost three days after. Other pages can only remember about 10% of the written content you have three days after.

“Unknown as to whether you are using images or videos, adding graphics will help you gain the benefit of your website. The visuals look like a stamp that leaves a lasting impression on people’s minds,” says Miriam Pierson, web designer at eib Subjecto.

For example, you can use visuals to tell a story. Storytelling allows you to transfer and effectively design the content of the website.

4. Be inspired by the visuals

The visual text must be integrated into the text.

While your content strategy randomly started with the idea of writing the text and then using visuals, you may also have a different claim. If you find an inspiring image, you can easily write the text that creates it.

Another option is to find or start a video that rounds off your web design idea, and then write the content that supports it.

5. Make it more interesting

Sometimes you have no choice but to provide a lot of written text, information and statistics. However, you have the choice to visualize context information and make it more interesting for users.

If you provide game-by-game statistics about the companies, you can create an infographic to log in the information. Keep in mind that 41.5% of branded products that original graphics work best like infographics, this is a perfect art to present inhaled.

Visuals can not only make the content more interesting, but also evoke emotions in the benefits. Therefore, you can build a decision to them and manage them in loyal beneficiaries or customers.

Single last poems

Visual context can bring your website to life. Without it, the website would not be as concrete, effective and important as it is now. Use the visual text to highlight the important forbearance, to make the benefits more fun and to understand built into them. You will be surprised chest, how powerful and effective visuals can be in. Carefully select the visual text, as it can manage the users alone.

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